Highly thermally insulated GLASOULX A98 continuous rooflights were used on both sides

of the solar roof on this architects’ house named “Hoinka”, near Stuttgart. A98 continuous rooflights are made up of modular window units with triple glazing. The modules are characterised by particularly slender profiles (52 mm) and a maximum glazed area of up to 3 m².

GLASOLUX A98 continuous rooflight in a solar roof - Four continuous rooflights with four window modules each

In this building, the installation in a solar roof added a new element. The combination of the solar roof and the highly thermally insulated A98 continuous rooflight meant that special precautions had to be taken, for example when it came to the transitions to the solar panels, the sealing/rainproofing and the general mode of operation and accessibility on the roof.

The combination of solar control glass and internal blinds with honeycomb plissé blinds was the icing on the cake for the roof glazing.

The result is a successful combination of roofing and glazing, both technically and visually.

More about continuous rooflights

The triple-glazed A98 modules are also used in monopitch rooflights, dual pitched rooflights and atrium glazing as well as ridgelights and saw tooth rooflights, in addition to individual skylight modules.