Even past generations appreciated that the shape of the saw tooth roof is ideal for providing good,

even illumination in large rooms. A saw tooth roof is basically a series of monopitch roofs in a row, with the glazed areas facing north (if possible), thus providing glare-free daylight inside.

For this saw tooth rooflight in Friedberg (Hesse), five monopitch rooflights were installed at an angle of 60°, each consisting of 14 window modules. Some of these modules are windows that can either open automatically or be controlled by switches or be triggered by wind and rain sensors. The glazing itself is double-glazed solar control glass.

Blinds Shade is provided by flame-retardant blinds, which also open and close automatically.

But the special feature of this shed roof is no longer visible:

15 specially shaped steel girders were installed to provide a stable base for the whole structure, doing away with the usual wooden substructure.

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