A 7° ridgelight for the Porsche Centre in Kaiserslautern.

The Porsche Centre in Dortmund, with its large ridgelight, was already opened in late 2020, and the Porsche Tower in Stuttgart opens its doors to the public this autumn. Now construction of the new Porsche Centre in Kaiserslautern has started, and with it the installation of the ridgelight by GLASOLUX.

Not quite as large, but no less attractive in comparison than its “big brothers”, is the roof glazing on the flat roof of the car showroom. Under ideal weather and site conditions, the installation was completed in no time at all, with the GLASOLUX installation team making good progress and easily keeping to the planned installation schedule.

Installation of the ridgelight band has already been completed and the final roof covering of the flat roof is undergoing completion. We can’t wait to see the final result!

Images of the installation process – click through the gallery!

Facts & figures

The total length and width of the dual pitched rooflight is approx. 15 x 4 metres, which corresponds to a total area of over 52 m².

The dual pitched rooflight consists of 26 fixed window modules, each measuring 1000 x 1800 mm, as well as four NSHEV comfort ventilation (natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilator) modules measuring 750 x 1800 mm.

Each module is equipped with double-glazed solar control insulating glazing.