The historic watermill in Birgel was also seriously affected by the flooding in the Eifel region in the summer 2021.

“We need to make a virtue of necessity”, the chief miller Erwin from the mill and his team of millers said to themselves. The mill, which dates back to the 17th Century is now being restored and will, they hope, be even more beautiful than it was before the floods. In order to be able to offer guests a cosy place outdoors, even when it rains, in addition to the wonderful rooms in the mill, most of the courtyard is now covered. The courtyard is ideally suited for this, as the load-bearing supporting structure can be connected directly to the brickwork,

with three steel girders forming the basis for the load-bearing framework, on which four solid wooden beams rest, which in turn support three glass dual pitched rooflights, which are securely connected to form the atrium roof.


They got down to work with the company’s own loading crane in rainy weather, with 94 glazing modules measuring 86 cm by 1.63 metres waiting to be installed.

Precise measurements had already been taken eight weeks earlier with the FlexiJet digital measurement system, and the structural calculations then performed using the data. This was followed by the preparation of the technical drawings, so that the materials could finally be ordered. Everything OK!

The whole glass roof now spans an area of approx. 14 by 9 metres, which covers a wonderful courtyard where you can enjoy a relaxing summer evening with a cool beer.

We wish the historic mill a good relaunch! If you want to know more about the mill, visit