In fact, we are convinced, that we even install them in our own roofs.

We started the installation bright and early, with the enthusiastic assistance

of colleagues, friends and the company’s own loading crane. The roof cut-out, the foil cover and the wooden substructure had already been completed by the time the loading crane started work around noon.

The new roof glazing is a longlight consisting of four individual modules, each 745 mm wide, two of which are opening modules with a stroke of 300 mm. With dark grey aluminium frames and profiles in RAL 7016 matt, the window is exactly the same colour as the roof tiles.

This panoramic window, spanning a total width of 2980 mm and 1585 mm in height is relatively small, but it has the advantage that the entire window unit, complete with suspended modules, could be pre-assembled in the factory, allowing the crane to use a large vacuum suction cup to lift the entire window unit, including the wooden assembly frame, into position, saving a lot of time on site.

The large roof terrace granted easy access, and the lovely weather put everyone in a good mood. The outdoor awning was really able to prove what it could do in the bright sunshine, and of course it was also finished in a matching RAL colour to complement the roof and frame.

Now the new panoramic window offers an unobstructed view of the beautiful Osnabrück scenery.

In the words of the lady of the house:  Simply beautiful! It looks like it was always planned to be in this space in the roof.