No less than nine triple-glazed and walk-on fire protection skylights are currently in the process of being installed in the inner courtyard of the second floor – comparable to a modern patio – at a school in the town of Öhringen near Heilbronn in southwestern Germany.

At around 100 x 100 cm, the skylights are large enough to provide plenty of daylight for the rooms below. In order to be accessible even in the wet, they were coated with a high-quality R11 anti-slip coating and at the same time a privacy screen with opal lamination.

What’s so special?

If you look closely, you can see it in the first photo. Each of these WALK-ON modules has F90 fire-resistant glazing as its second layer, which can withstand heat and fire for 90 minutes before the glass breaks – crucial time to allow the school to be evacuated in the event of an emergency.

This type of installation has a great advantage compared to single-panel fire safety skylights: Building approval according to DIN 4102-13 has already been granted! This is particularly important for municipal and public buildings, where high fire safety standards apply.

Now the concrete surface is still missing, to create a level surface at the level of the doors, so you need a little imagination to visualise what the terrace will look like when it is finished. It will be a great space for meeting at break time, or even for outdoor lessons. We are really excited about it!

GLASOLUX already completed a similar project at a school in Frisoythe, in northern Germany, last year. Did the people in Öhringen see the North German project and realise that it would also be ideal for the school in Öhringen? Possibly!

Basic specifications of the fire safety skylights

Upper part of the WALK-ON

  • Shell clearance (W x L): 1000 X 1000 mm
  • Outer dimensions of the element (outer edge) (W x L): 1220 X 1220 mm
  • Height of the substructure: 162 mm
  • Total height: 210 mm
  • Total weight: 270 kg
  • Opal lamination
  • Anti-slip coating for public areas – Madras Pixel Flooring R11-
  • (anti-slip coating made of glass studs with a matt surface)
  • RAL-Classic colour of your choice for external frame and internal substructure

F90 fire-resistant glazing

  • Surface finish: hot-dip galvanised steel profile tubes
  • Tested in accordance with GS-BAU-18
  • Surrounding components are made of fire-resistant concrete, insulation and cavity filling is A1 mineral wool with a melting point of 1000 °C.

If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact us!