Modern architects are constantly on the lookout for innovative solutions that combine functionality and aesthetic appeal. This is where saw tooth rooflights come into play, a structure that combines industrial charm with optimum indoor illumination. GLASOLUX, offers saw tooth rooflight solutions that meet these requirements.

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Saw tooth rooflights – the ideal solution for glare-free daylight

Modern architects seek to create not only functional, but also aesthetically appealing environments. Saw tooth rooflights, which are effectively rows of monopitch rooflights, make it possible to do just that by combining ideal ambient lighting with soft, glare-free light.

Basic principle and structure

A saw tooth rooflight is similarly a series of contiguous monopitch rooflights, which is used primarily in industrial buildings. This distinctive roof structure allows for excellent room illumination, as the entire roof surface can be fitted with saw tooth rooflights, allowing daylight to be evenly distributed, creating a pleasant working environment.

The advantages of glare-free incident light

The glare-free incident light provided by the north-facing orientation of saw tooth rooflights is a distinctive feature of this type of roof structure. This can help increase productivity as workers are less affected by glare normally caused by direct sunlight.

Optimum room illumination with soft light

Furthermore, the even distribution of soft light coming through the saw tooth rooflights promotes a pleasant working atmosphere, which not only improves the well-being of employees, but also the aesthetics of the space itself.

A wide range of applications for saw tooth rooflights

Saw tooth rooflights have proved to be extremely useful, not only in industrial architecture, but also in various other areas, such as shopping centres and sports halls.

Use in assembly shops

Lighting quality

The quality of lighting is of crucial importance in assembly shops. Good quality lighting can help to reduce errors and accidents and improve safety in the workplace. Saw tooth rooflights offer the ideal solution, as they provide optimum room illumination.

Examples of successful installations

In practice, many companies have decided to install saw tooth rooflights to improve working conditions in their assembly shops, with considerable success, as reflected in improved employee satisfaction and productivity.

Use in shopping centres and sports halls

Aesthetic aspects

Aesthetic aspects play a major role in shopping centres and sports halls. Saw tooth rooflights can be used to good effect here thanks to their modern yet industrial look, as they create a pleasant ambience that invites you to linger while at the same time offering a bright and open atmosphere.

Contributing to customer satisfaction and the athletes’ experience

The pleasant light atmosphere created by saw tooth rooflights can have a positive impact on customer satisfaction in shopping centres and on the athletes’ experience in sports halls. A bright and friendly environment can encourage customers and visitors to linger longer, which can have a positive impact on business.

The technology behind GLASOLUX saw tooth rooflights

GLASOLUX is your dependable partner when it comes to installing saw tooth rooflights. The technology behind these special rooflights is both innovative and reliable, making them the ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

Glazing unit specifications

GLASOLUX offers two types of saw tooth rooflight glazing units: double glazed and triple glazed. They can be installed at an angle of 25° to 90°, and alternate modules can be configured as an opening sash, offering a high degree of flexibility in the design of your project.

Integration in smoke and heat exhaust ventilation (SHEV) systems

Another advantage of GLASOLUX saw tooth rooflights is the option of integrating them into smoke and heat extraction systems (SHEVS). This not only offers an additional safety feature, but also enables better control of the indoor climate.

Visual characteristics – inside and outside

GLASOLUX glazing units are characterised by their identical visual design on the inside and outside, which ensures a uniform and harmonious appearance that further emphasises the aesthetic qualities of your project.

Real-life example:  The integration of saw tooth rooflights in a modern industrial building concept

A good practical example can help illustrate the theory and demonstrate real results. Let’s take a look at the individual phases of integrating saw tooth rooflights into a state-of-the-art industrial building concept.

Planning phase

At this stage it is important to understand the specific requirements of the project. GLASOLUX experts can work together with architects and builders to develop an individually tailor-made concept that allows the best possible use of the saw tooth rooflights.

Implementation phase

During this phase, the plans drawn up in the planning phase are transformed into reality, and precise execution is essential to ensure that the saw tooth rooflights are installed correctly and can develop their full effect.

Results and feedback

After completion, it is time to evaluate the results. As a rule, customers report a significant improvement in light quality and working conditions. Feedback from end users can help confirm the effectiveness of the solution and allow us to make any adjustments required for future projects.

The role of saw tooth rooflights in modern industrial architecture

Saw tooth rooflights have established themselves as a revolutionary solution in modern architecture. It is impossible to overestimate their influence on industrial building concepts, as they allow for optimal space illumination and aesthetically pleasing design.

In summary, GLASOLUX saw tooth rooflights offer numerous advantages, including improved light quality, design flexibility and the ability to be integrated in a SHEVS system. This wide range of benefits makes them an ideal choice for modern building concepts.

Sustainability aspects and energy efficiency

Looking to the future, it is clear that sustainable solutions are gaining in importance. GLASOLUX saw tooth rooflight glazing is no exception. Its ability to effectively use daylight not only reduces the need for artificial lighting, but also helps to reduce energy costs and protect the environment while, at the same time, the entire glazing unit is 99% recyclable.

Contact details and further information

If you would like more information or want individual advice, please feel free to contact GLASOLUX. Our experts are happy to answer your questions and assist you with the implementation of your project.

Offers and individual consultation options

GLASOLUX offers a wide range of services tailored to meet your specific needs. From initial consultation to final implementation – we are your partner for successful execution of saw tooth rooflight projects.  We would be delighted to hear from you if you want to find out more about the possibilities that saw tooth rooflights can offer for your project. Take the opportunity to step into a brighter, more energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing future with GLASOLUX.

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