fire safety glazing according to DIN 4102-13

Fire safety windows and fire safety glazing according to DIN 4102-13

Fire safety windows are needed wherever large numbers of people congregate, be it in municipal establishments such as schools, kindergartens or public buildings such as shopping centres, banks or restaurants. They are especially important in hallways, corridors and stairwells where smoke and fire can spread particularly fast.

Class EI30 and EI90 fire safety glass

Fire safety glass is rated in different fire resistance classes:

  • EI 30 (F 30*) fire retardant – capable of resisting fire for 30 minutes
  • EI 60 (F 60*) highly fire retardant – capable of resisting fire for 60 minutes
  • EI 90 (F 90*) fire resistant – capable of resisting fire for 90 minutes
  • EI 120 (F 120*) highly fire-resistant – capable of resisting fire for 120 minutes
  • EI 180 (F 180*) extremely fire-resistant – capable of resisting fire for 180 minutes

EI 90 fire safety glazing can withstand heat and fire for 90 minutes before the glass breaks, GLASOLUX offers fire resistant glazing in fire resistance classes EI 30 (F 30) and EI 90 (F 90).


The fire safety glazing systems used by GLASOLUX are thermally separated steel profile tube structures which, in combination with Pilkington fire protection insulating glass, fulfil the required fire resistance classes. Foaming fire protection layers absorb the energy from the fire over the required period of time. In case of fire, the thermally insulating block of glass and foam prevents the surface temperature from rising by more than 140 K (on average) above the initial temperature within the desired fire resistance class (standard fire tests according to DIN 4102 or European standard EN 1363). The fire safety glass is covered by a 10-year guarantee.

  • Certified, official approval from the construction supervision authorities
  • 10-year guarantee on the fire safety glass
  • Fall-through protection tested in accordance with GS-BAU-18
  • A profile elevation of just 60 mm
  • Profiles available in any RAL colour

Fire safety glass in a variety of products

No matter whether for individual skylights, fanlights, dual pitched rooflights, monopitch rooflights or atria, every type of glazing is available with EI 30 and EI 90 fire safety glass with optional equipment, and even walk-on glass is no problem, for instance as rectangular interior WALK-ONs.

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*(european standard DIN EN 13501-2)



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