Ridgelights for shallow and steep ridges

Ridgelights for shallow and steep ridges

Perfect symmetrical glass roofs

With GLASOLUX ridgelights, you will look forward to the next rain shower! The design of the pitched roof ensures ideal incidence of the light during the day and lets the glow of the stars in at night, so that you can enjoy a panoramic view of the sky at all times.

The advantages

GLASOLUX ridgelights are suitable for roofs with a pitch of between 25° and 60°, thus considerably exceeding the typical pitch range of between 30° and 45°. Their great advantage is the design consisting of individual window modules with very discreet frame profiles that are just 50 mm wide. The modules are available with double and triple glazing. The variability of our product also allows for asymmetrical ridge designs.

Alternate modules can be installed as opening windows, with the opening casements being invisible thanks to the use of concealed motors. A control centre with up to 12 inputs permits simultaneous control of the windows and blinds.

Alternatively, you also have the option of a dual pitched rooflight with the appropriate substructure, instead of ridgeglazing.

3D rendering of the glazing module and profile

Double glazed

Triple glazed

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