A glass-roofed corridor leads from the house to the office.


The walk-on continuous rooflight for flat roofs and terraces

LINEAR WALK-ON is the ideal solution for anyone who is looking for large walk-on glazed areas. The modular design makes it possible to create a skywalk/glass walkway that is virtually endless. The surface area of each individual module can be as large as 4 m².

Better safe than sorry – load-bearing capacity of 500 kg/m²

Each walk-on pane of glass, be it single, double or triple glazed, is made of three-pane laminated safety glass, giving it its high load-bearing capacity of 500 kg/m², meaning that even non-insulated glass is sufficient for walk-on interior glazing.

Double or triple glazing is used for additional thermal insulation, with additional panes added, offering maximum energy efficiency as well as excellent sound insulation.

Non-slip when wet and safe from unwanted glances

A range of anti-slip coatings ensures that you stay safe, even when the floor is wet, and optional opal lamination stops prying eyes from invading your privacy.

Technical drawing of a double-glazed SkyVision WALK-ON

Structure of a double-glazed WALK-ON

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