Opened SkyVision COMFORT on a garage roof.

SkyVision COMFORT – the ideal skylight to provide ventilation for your flat roof

Light & fresh air to ensure an ideal indoor environment

Our SkyVision COMFORT is a skylight that can be opened, allowing you to make ideal use of light and fresh air. You benefit from increased daylight incidence through the flat roof and optimised room ventilation, which can be activated using an integrated controller. With an optional weather station you can even enjoy automatic control without you having to do anything!

Quick and easy installation

One of the main advantages of the SkyVision COMFORT system is quick and easy installation. The opening skylights are supplied ready for installation with a prefabricated glass attachment and integrated upstand. The motor is concealed in the frame, and a 30 mm wide, black screen-printed edge provides UV protection.

Opening system and optimum roof pitch

The skylight is opened via a chain actuator integrated in the frame with a chain length of 300 mm. It is suitable for roof pitches from 0 to 15°, with an optimum pitch of 4°. The vent window is identical in appearance to the fixed-glazed SkyVision FIXED.

SkyVision LINEAR for large-scale roof glazing

For extensive and continuous roof glazing as a continuous rooflight, we recommend the SkyVision LINEAR. It consists of a combination of individual flat glazing panels.

Our guarantee

Due to our confidence in the quality of our SkyVision flat roof skylights, we offer a 5-year guarantee.

Technical drawing SkyVision COMFORT - skylight and ventilation for flat roofs

You can download our technical drawings as . DXF, DWG or PDF files from our detailed technical downloads page.

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