SkyVision FIXED – fixed-glazed skylight for pitches between 0° and 30°

SkyVision FIXED: fixed-glazed skylight for flat roofs

Design meets functionality: experience a new living sensation

The SkyVision FIXED fixed-glazed skylight gives you a completely new living sensation. This superbly designed flat skylight provides extra natural daylight and brings your rooms to life with a special influx of light, while also giving you a feeling of freedom when you look up at the sky.

Energy efficiency thanks to excellent insulation properties

Our VMR Monolight, with its excellent insulation values (Uw value 0.65 W/m²K with triple glazing), contributes significantly to energy efficiency in both new and existing buildings. It can replace artificial light in windowless rooms, such as bathrooms, thus helping cut electricity costs.

Easy installation for every type of building

The SkyVision FIXED is particularly easy to install, making it ideal for new and existing buildings alike. The ready-to-install skylights, consisting of a glass upper section and an insulated upstand, are precisely manufactured and can be ordered with to-the-millimetre precision. The height of the insulated upstand can be customised to between 150 and 600 mm.

Are you looking for the same skylight, but to open? With the SkyVision COMFORT, we offer you the compatible variant as an opening window. Or take a look at the SkyVision LINEAR, the continuous rooflight variant. Skylight to skylight, sometimes fixed glazing, sometimes opening.

Querschnitt unserer eckigen SkyVision Flachdachfenster

3D rendering/cross-sectional views

You can find installation instructions and product data sheets (in DXF, DWG and PDF format) on our download page

3D cross-section of a rectangular SkyVision module with the substructure.

Click and drag the mouse to rotate the graphic and scroll to zoom.

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