Ridgelight with SHEV modules. Two window modules are open.

Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation (SHEV) systems

Smoke venting and convenient ventilation all rolled into one

Effective smoke venting is of crucial importance in an emergency –  and in everyday use it provides convenient ventilation. Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation windows provide both at once.

We offer smoke and heat exhaust ventilation windows as complete systems consisting of a window module, control unit, SHEV control panel and smoke detector. Different control systems are used, e.g. modular SHEV control units for larger buildings such as shopping centres, schools and sports halls or compact SHEV control units for small to medium-sized buildings and parts of buildings such as stairwells, restaurants, etc.

The daylight systems comply with the strict requirements of EN 12101-2 (standard governing the control of smoke and heat systems) for smoke control ventilation and natural exhaust ventilation in the smoke and heat exhaust ventilation system.

We also supply the smoke and heat exhaust ventilation control points and smoke detectors to go with the controller and meet the requirements, meaning that you receive an “all-round carefree package”, including certified acceptance. Our fitters install SHEV systems in accordance with TÜV, DIN, VDE and VDI regulations.

With our A98 and A74 modules, we offer SHEV systems that open by up to 75 mm in less than 60 seconds, thus fulfilling the legal requirements. The specific module size depends on the specific requirements of the building.

Rendering of an open SHEV window

VELUX Modular Skylights with SHEV functionality

We sell VELUX Modular Skylight smoke ventilation modules with optional wind deflectors as fixed-format SHEV modules. VMS smoke ventilation modules are only available with an Open System motor.

The optional wind deflector panels are available for either one or three modules, which minimise the risk of air intake and allow smoke to escape, even in unfavourable wind conditions.

Please note: A permit from the local fire protection authority is required for the installation of blinds.

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