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Made-to-measure rooflights, skylights and walk-on glazing

Daylight for your flat or pitched roof

GLASOLUX daylight systems: discover our rooflights, designer skylights and walk-on glazing for public industrial and private buildings – with millimetre precision, because we manufacture bespoke industrial products,

be it a large pitched rooflight on the flat roof of a production facility, sophisticated  ridgelights on the pitched roof of a church or walk-on skylights in a school playground on the roof of a sports hall.

As a certified company, we are able to handle even the most demanding building projects throughout Europe, from the roofs of Sanssouci Palace to roof terraces in Sardinia.

We create large-scale roof glazing with discreet profiles and glazed areas by linking window modules of up to 3 m² per glazing module, while never losing sight of nature – the materials we use are up to 99% recyclable and have especially good thermal insulation values.

Our made-to-measure industrial glazing systems are delivered to the building site pre-assembled and ready for installation. Take advantage of the GLASOLUX assembly service – we are experienced and familiar with the products.


Modular skylights and daylight solutions for flat and pitched roofs


Advice and Planning

Our work is grounded in comprehensive advice that is individually tailored to your building project. We offer a precise assessment of the existing conditions during on-site appointments and submit proposals for possible window systems and construction methods. If you choose our products, we start planning the project with you. Before production, you will receive precisely prepared technical drawings in DXF, DWG and PDF format. The matching installation instructions enable you to carry out the installation yourself.

Contact us or send us your enquiry using our enquiry form.

VELUX Modular Skylights [VMS]

As a VELUX partner, we also offer all VMS system windows for public, commercial and industrial buildings.

In contrast to our made-to-measure SkyVision flat roof skylights and modular rooflights, VELUX Modular Skylights are available in a range of fixed sizes. Please refer to the relevant VMS product for details of the precise dimensions.

We manufacture the necessary sub-constructions. The GLASOLUX assembly service for sub-constructions and glazing modules ensures maximum quality and safety while saving time during installation.

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