GLASOLUX installation for superior roof glazing

GLASOLUX installation for superior roof glazing

Be it in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands or Switzerland, the GLASOLUX installation team is at your service everywhere to install roof glazing, even for the most demanding projects and unusual roofs.

In addition to installation itself, we also ensure smooth logistics, efficient schedules, and provide the necessary equipment for installation, such as cranes. In the greater Bielefeld area and East Westphalia, we use our own truck-mounted loading crane with fly-jib and cable winch, with a reach of 32 metres to ensure efficient working in even the tightest of spaces. Installation itself is often completed within a day.

Since we make our daylight systems as installation-friendly as possible, single skylights and short rows of skylights can be installed by any roofer with the help of our installation instructions.

As a VELUX cooperation partner, we also install VELUX Modular Skylights.

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We plan the design of roof glazings according to your specifications.

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