Pleated interior blinds on a skylight.

Blinds – internal and external

External blinds – the most effective way to darken a room

Daylight is important for our well-being, but too much sunshine cause rooms to get too warm or cause glare, either at work or in the home. At night, a darkened room is often desirable; during the day, light regulation may be needed.

GLASOLUX blinds are manufactured precisely to suit each window. The blind extends and retracts along the guide rail at the touch of a switch or by wireless remote control, synchronised with the closing of the window. A weather station is a great addition as an accessory. The rain and wind sensor sends a signal to the control unit to automatically retract and extend the awning if the weather changes.

Thanks to the ZIP guide, it is also possible to extend the blinds from the bottom up to the top, making external blinds possible, even for dual pitched rooflights and ridgelights.

You can adjust the height of the guide rails to allow the window to be opened slightly while still having shade from the blinds. The guide rail brackets, which are between 120 mm* and 300 mm high, maintain a minimum distance between the fabric and the glass (*in individual cases that need to be checked on a case-by-case basis, a reduced height of 80 mm or more is possible).

A reinforcement rail with a diameter of 40 mm is used for lengths exceeding 2500 mm, and a rail with a diameter of 60 mm is used for widths exceeding 3500 mm.

External blinds are particularly suitable …

  • As reliable protection against heat and sunlight
  • Due to their flat and compact design,
  • As light is unable to get in between the blind and the guide rail
  • For industrial facilities or rooms in which constant accumulation of dust or moisture can cause heavy soiling or mould.

Technical data


  • Max. width: 6000 mm
  • Max. length: 4000 mm
  • Max. surface area: 30 m²
  • Height of guide rail brackets: 120* – 300 mm


  • Cover: powder-coated, extruded aluminium
  • Fabric: standard acrylic or Lumera acrylic (other fabric qualities available)

Internal blinds – roller blinds and pleated blinds

Roller blinds and pleated blinds provide a lasting improvement in the indoor environment: in the summer they keep the room pleasantly cool, while in the winter they prevent heat from escaping through the window, thus helping to save energy. Everything is possible, from regulating the light to darkening the room, depending on the type of blinds used. Honeycomb plissés can also help cut noise in the room by up to 45 % thanks to their special design.

Pleated blinds and roller blinds can be conveniently positioned using a 24 V electric motor. When combined with solar control glass, the heat penetration can be reduced even further.

Internal blinds are beneficial …

  • When it comes to ridgelights,
  • If a preservation order prohibits external blinds,
  • If you want the window, including the blind, to be able to open completely,
  • If a special material design is required, for example honeycomb pleated blinds in a wide range of colours and designs.

Technical data


  • Min. width: 600 mm (max. height 2000 mm)
  • Width from 700 mm to max. 1500 mm (max. height 4000 mm)


  • Profile: powder-coated, extruded aluminium
  • Honeycomb pleated blind: wide range of various grades available
  • Roller blind: flame-retardant polyester fabric

Controllers for the electric drive

GLASOLUX offers different control systems for internal and external blinds, consisting of the drive with a power supply unit, a controller and various sensors,

for example the WCC controller with 8 motor lines and 10 inputs, which allows simultaneous control of blinds and windows, or the Bluetooth remote control, which can be combined with an external automatic temperature and time controller.

Control sensors

  • Wall switches for manual operation of windows and blinds
  • Interior and weather sensors
  • Wireless remote controls
  • Control panels with bus command
  • Smart home solutions
Control system/controller to control the drive of windows and blinds

Control system/controller to control the drive of windows and blinds