Monopitch rooflights on the flat roof of a company building

Roof glazing for pitched and flat roofs

Light, air and accessibility

Our product range includes the proverbial “all-round carefree package” when it comes to glass roof systems, be it an extensive dual pitched rooflight on a production plant, the sophisticated ridgelight on a house or the walk-on glass floor on a school playground. Our products are suitable for both flat and pitched roofs, but we don’t stop at rectangular shapes – our CIRCULAR skylight is round, while our WALK-ON FREE can be any shape you want.

In combination with our individually manufactured substructures and the products made by our partners, our daylight systems are ready to use. Window modules open automatically, smoke and heat can escape safely and blinds keep out excessive sunlight.

We recommend having your system installed by GLASOLUX fitters, especially whe it comes to expansive continuous rooflight solutions on production facilities or warehouses.