SkyVision ACCESS – service access window & smoke vent (SV)

SkyVision ACCESS – service access window & smoke vent (SV)

The skylight that provides service access

The SkyVision ACCESS design skylight is both a smoke vent and a service access window. The SV function of the SkyVision ACCESS can be opened using a push button or fire alarm switch.

As a service access window, it opens up to an opening angle of 75°. Comfort ventilation/partial opening of the flat roof window is also programmable, if required.

With a size of up to 1,000 x 1,800 mm (L x W), it offers an unobtrusive roof hatch and service access window for caretakers and security services.

The SkyVision ACCESS is only available as a double-glazed skylight. As a smoke vent (SV) it is only available at the fixed size of 1000 x 1000 mm.

Window modules and substructures are delivered ready for roof installation and can be installed on your roof by GLASOLUX fitters, if required.

Technical drawing: SkyVision ACCESS – service access window & smoke vent (SV)

You can find installation instructions and product data sheets (in DXF, DWG and PDF format) on our download page.

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