VMS – Atrium Longlight/Ridgelight

VELUX Modular Skylight – Atrium Longlight/Ridgelight

Outstanding daylight for atriums

Atrium Longlights combines multiple rows of longlights or ridgelights to form a large glass roof. Depending on how the rows and modules are combined, this type of roof glazing allows for the greatest degree of individual design and the best possible daylight design.

To achieve this, we recommend using longlights with one flat side or multiple Ridgelights 5° with beams. For optimum thermal comfort, we recommend Ridgelights 25-40° with venting modules.

In close cooperation with VELUX Commercial, we offer the required supporting beams, drainage gutters and the sub-construction used for mounting the skylight modules. Planned, produced and, if required, fitted by GLASOLUX.

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