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FAQs – frequently asked questions

YES – GLASOLUX makes all roof glazing and skylights to measure. That means precisely according to your wishes to the exact millimetre. Please note, however, that all glazing modules have a minimum and maximum size.
YES. Because our products are made to measure, this is possible with all GLASOLUX skylights and roof glazing, but please bear in mind that the shape of external awnings cannot be customised.
  • A modern, elegant look,
  • A long service life lasting several decades,
  • Good energy efficiency with U-values of 0.65 W/m²K for triple glazing and 0.97 W/m²K for double glazing,
  • Modular design – enabling a continuous rooflight with identical-looking, fixed-glazed skylights, which, whether FIXED or COMFORT, can be extended indefinitely.
YES! Our walk-on skylight is the rectangular WALK-ON, the round version if the CIRCULAR WALK-ON and the WALK-ON FREE is a free-form skylight in any shape you want, while the LINEAR WALK-ON is a walk-on continuous rooflight.
Skylight domes are generally familiar to us as dome-shaped skylights, which generally made of acrylic glass. SkyVision skylights are flat and the modules can be combined to form a continuous rooflight.
YES. Our opening windows can be opened automatically using a control system. The sensors available include switches, radio controls and anemometers as well as rain sensors. In the case of SHEV glazing, special smoke detectors provide the signal that opens the skylight.
Our walk-on skylights are made of special three-layer glass, which is designed for loads of up to 500 kg/m², irrespective of whether it is a double or triple glazed skylight. Each module can be up to 4 m² in size.
Yes, exceptionally well, in fact. Inside buildings, our WALK-ONs are ideal for integrating daylight into a room below, which generally has no windows. In the room itself, the skylights are installed flush with the floor covering. Multiple insulation is not required in this case.
YES. We offer our fire safety windows and fire safety glazing according to DIN 4102-13 in fire resistance classes F30 and F90. They are used in fire safety dual pitched rooflights, fire safety monopitch rooflights, fire safety skylights and walk-on fire safety windows.
Yes and no. Without additional slip proofing, it is just normal glass and therefore slippery when wet. We offer different types of slip resistance for our WALK-ONs, which are firmly bonded to the glass.
Yes, in principle. Installing SkyVision windows is quite simple, but we recommend having it done by a carpenter or roofer, as the sealing hast to be carried out by a professional flat roof sealer, and opening skylights also require the services of an electrician.
The 115 mm wide, black screen-printed edge all around the edge on the one hand provides important UV protection and on the other hand covers the unsightly installation edge of the window.
Yes, our installation team covers the entire German-speaking area of Europe. This is particularly worthwhile for pitched roof glazing, complicated roofs and floors or when installing multiple skylights. For single SkyVision skylights, installation by a roofer or carpenter is cheaper. Please order the installation together with your skylights when placing your order. We do not offer assembly outside Europe.
Yes, we offer the SkyVision ACCESS as an exit window with a continuous opening angle of up to 75°, but this is intended more as a service exit. We also offer sliding roof windows as exit windows, which can also be used on a pitched roof, e.g. to provide access to a roof terrace.
Yes and no. We only offer SHEV (smoke and heat exhaust ventilation) windows with certified acceptance for A75 and A98 modular roof glazing. In the field of SkyVision skylights, we can only offer a smoke ventilation (SV) function in combination with 1000 x 1000 mm ACCESS skylights.
Sure, no problem! Either as an external fabric blind or an internal pleated blind, which doesn’t sag, even at an inclination of 0°. Both blind systems can be controlled automatically using suitable controls. External sunshades have a bracket mounted outside the window, for which a so-called priority control is used, which first retracts the shade and then opens the windows.
Absolutely. All of our skylights are suitable for wet rooms, so both COMFORT and ACCESS are ideal alternatives to traditional skylight domes. If you want to prevent or mitigate the common problem of condensation on window panes, you can optionally use an integrated window defogger in the glass.
Yes. Both the glass supports and the substructures are available in the full range of RAL colours. If you are interested, please contact GLASOLUX Direct Sales on +49 (0) 521 | 7701 943-0
Yes. Our SkyVision skylights are available with opal lamination, which is semi-transparent, so that it lets light through, but prevents you from seeing through.
Due to the considerable weight and the typically large size of skylights, our windows are delivered by a freight forwarder, which increases the shipping costs. For orders to foreign countries, it is best to contact us directly regarding additional costs such as customs duties.

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