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Roof glazing for pitched roofs

Modular daylight solutions

Roof glazing for pitched roofs

Whether it is as a roof-filling continuous rooflight, a ridgelight, a glass atrium roof or a panoramic window – pitched roofs offer an incredibly exciting opportunity for roof glazing.

We produce roof glazing solutions tailored to suit your dimensions and specifications, double (A74) or triple (A98) glazed – and with excellent thermal insulation values. With a specific heat transfer coefficient (Uw value) of 0.79 W/m²K and a total solar energy transmittance (Ug value) of 0.50 W/m²K, our triple-glazed A98 products are among the best of their kind.

The prefabricated, modular glass roof system can be installed quickly and, thanks to its slender profiles and hidden opening casements, offers maximum light yield of up to 3 m² per window module. With the ability to be mounted either side by side or vertically, the system offers a wide range of design options.

In continuous rooflights, it is possible to open every other module and they are also available as SHEV (smoke and heat exhaust ventilation) modules on request.


Modular glass roof systems for flat roofs

Monopitch rooflights and dual pitched rooflights

For buildings with a flat roof, as are often encountered in municipal and industrial premises, GLASOLUX offers the counterpart to the modular pitched roof glazing with . dual pitched rooflights and monopitch rooflight systems. Available ready for connection, they can be installed in next to no time, saving time and money.

We manufacture the necessary substructures in-house and, if they aren’t too large, deliver them to the building site ready for connection, including the glazing modules.

Saw tooth rooflights and atrium glazing

Saw tooth rooflights and atrium glazing can also be an option for particularly expansive roof glazing,  Saw tooth rooflights consists of rows of monopitch rooflight modules installed at an angle of up to 90° and provide lots of glare-free daylight due to their north-facing orientation. They do not generally require a substructure for installation.

Atrium glazing combines multiple continuous rooflights or dual pitched rooflights to form a large glass roof.

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